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Theres a Toll store in Edan Prairy. That would probably be closer to you. Have you herd of Deltak? There in Plymouth. There not far from the Toll in Plymouth. You should stop by tomarow if you know where they are. We manufacture boilers and heat exchangers for refinerys and stuff.

I will see if I can swing by when I pick them up. I went with the Plymouth stort because that's their HQ and where they work on them, and since I had them in the co. van, I figured why not just take them there before work. I'll let you know when I will be getting them, see if I can stop in for a min or 2 to check out your work, sounds like you make some cool stuff

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cool i was just thinking the expense of the MIG atachments for the XMT are close to the $ of a new MM212 and every thing else the XMT dose is also doable by the Dyn300. thats why i was confused as to why get that set as aposed to a DYN300 for TIG/Stick and then a nice new MIG unit like the MM212 or 252.
unless you got a smoking deal on the XMT it would seem like, for the price of the XMT & the needed stuff to make it MIG, you could just get a new MM252 or a MM212 & spool gun. that was my thinking, nothing against the XMT its an excelent choice, just not the choice i would have expected from one with a Dyn300 thats all.
not that i would turn it down if offerd.
Well, I got the XMT package for about 4k, and a little less for the Dynasty. They have between 1 1/4 and almost 2 years of warranty left on them, and looking at them, they seem almost new. I guess thats a pretty decent deal for them, though not cheap, thats for sure... I will post some pics of my new babies when I get them home from the shop. Now only if I could use them here...