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would the enamal have an efect on the tank?? or was the baking the problem as it caused it to become brittle and burst insted of streching a lil bit when filled??
eather way, that dose sound a bit past a badness happend.
The heat definitely messes up the works. I haven't been diving since the 80's, even though I'm advanced open water with add on credentials. Then new higher pressure tanks had come out, but not many were in use then, because most foreign dive shops didn't have compressors that could take advantage of them. What the status on that is now, I don't know.

Yes it was more than badness, it involved a death for one person, and a loss of an appendage for another.

Even though I think welders would be aware of the effects heat could have on metal. I thought I would point this incident out.


Back from the stores and looked at my post again.
Reason for posting this info in a welding forum, and nothing else meant by last sentence.