I have been procrastinating for the last few weeks over which one to get. As I wait for my lws to get some stock on these new units I have been looking over all the features of each. I was watching a online video of a welding instructor talking about the importance of finding a sweet spoot between the Voltage selection and Wire speed, he indicated that infinate control was important. One concern that I have mentioned on here before is the Tap Selection on the MM212. If this jumps in increments of 30, wouldn't this make it harder to find a balance between the two? (It would in my mind.) I know it has been said here before that the 212 with the Tap would be easier to set up. Starting off I could set up a 252 the same in increments of 30 until i get more experience then I would have the infinate control. Does that make sence?

If I buy a MM252 I would have to hold off on buying a spoolgun due to $$$. Do I need this much power? (Probably not) It also comes with other features that I am not sure I would need or not, such as the timers set up, and the direct connect of a push pull gun. What do you think of these features?

Another question is if I trade in the M-25 gun for the Bernard Q-300 which one should I get? I'm thinking the short gun, with the rotatable head, with the 45 bend in it....would this be a good choice?

I hope to do something soon, analysisís paralysis is starting to set in!

Any more help or opinions are greatly appriciated.