Awesome, thnx for tips, I will run then 20 to 25cfh.
I go try to buy the gas tank today, getting a biggest one, getting 244cf of argon. at about 25 cfh it should give about 10hrs of work, is that true or it uses a lot more. Will try to get the filler rods if the store has them, otherwise I order online. The accessory kit that came with the welder had yellow/gold tungsten. ether a thoriated at 1% and radioactive or lathaneded at 1.5%. I might just buy some premium tungsten. I also have a gray one, and a red one but they are 1/8.

I might get the gas lens, To waste less gas if its a non expensive thing. If its over 30 buks, then probably I wont get it.

I will also get couple of tig gloves, a welder sleves, my friend wants a mask, umm thats preaty much it then. Oh and the part where the tungsteen goes back into the handle, it got broken, so I need it so I wont waste any tungsteen.

I am kinda on a budget.

As soon as I will do anything I will post some pics. maybe couple of practice welds, and frame is starting to build up.