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You could always go to a scrap yard too and pick up a piece of pipe or a water tank from a well. I saved a 10 gallon water tank from a scrap pile, took the bladder out but thats all the farther I got. I plan on making it into a hitch mounted smoker. The metal on that is a little thicker than what you find on a store bought charcoal grill.
ya i think im gonna look around for an air compressor tank or propane tank the size id need. i saw one today and they had turned the opening in the top of it into where the smoke stack came out. ill have to get another small tank for the smoke box though

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The tube is 3/16" wall, so there is not much wobble at all and w/the set screws torqued down will eliminate any slop.

I built this for the nephew who manages a fastener co., so that is where the SS fasteners came from, cost wise, most matl. was left overs from previous projects, except he did buy a sheet of SS expanded for the fajita grill, the pit grill was SS screen from a traveling water screen co.s scrap bin. So really one has to do some scrounging.
ok thanks a lot