So I have a monster of an air compressor, and as much as I would like to say I have been able to keep a shop longer than a few months something always happens, layoffs, fire from a neighbors barbecue lighting the grass and hitting the shop while I'm at work, etc. So now that I am about to have a shop again I have been giving a lot of thought to portability and saving my aching back since I have had to move all this heavy stuff 3 or 4 times.

This is the type of compressor im dealing with and it's a top heavy son of a gun. To be honest I'm kinda at a loss when trying to sketch up a design that lets me mount the claw feet on the compressor to it, keeps it as low to the ground as possible, and helps keep it from tipping over when I need to push it up a ramp. Figure it would need something to let me lower it to the floor so it can be bolted down when in use right through the frame of the dolly.

So any ideas? I know there are some talented people on this site that are bored enough to work for free

I can show you what I do have sketched out and mention all it's weak points too once I get near a scanner again.

Thanks to anyone that replies