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Thread: Tubing notcher

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    I have the JD2 notcher and it works great up to 60 degree but after that you have to be creative. I found at a tool auction a old bridgeport mill that needed a motor for $350.00 that takes care of the steeper angles that I come across in some chassis that I build.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FATFAB View Post
    I got to go be on that Monster Garage TV show and the notcher they had was the slickest thing ever. Quick to set up super quick to make the cut, would change diameters in the blink of an eye and the quality of the cut was fantastic. If money were no issue this is the kind!!!
    You were on the Monster Garage show? what episode?

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    A lot of people like the JD2 notcher. I have used it at work and it was good.
    However I bought the protools notcher for my personal shop and I like it a little better than the JD2. Both are ov good quality, but the protools' angle vise is better made and uses a heavier back plate and a little larger shaft.
    I say go for the protools one, but either one would fit you just fine.

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