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    Jan 2008
    Port Carling, Ontario

    Default trusty companion

    Here's some pic's of my rig up. Built four years ago and has not let me down since! Just put some new brakes and a u-joint on the old pony. She's hitting 250,000km.
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    Mar 2006
    Corunna Ont, Canada

    Default rig

    Very Nice clean unit just kind'a sort'a what i want to build i need something to haul kids and the welder too

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    Oct 2007


    Hey Padro! Good to see you're alive and weldin'. How's tricks in Ontario? Rig is looking good man, but you gotta keep that road salt off this winter or else that Dodge shine will fade. Hope you can post more pics of the jobs there.

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    One thing I have noticed is that the Canadians have very similar tools boxes one their RIGS

    Nice set up!

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    Nov 2007
    Saskatoon, Sask, Canada


    Nice rig, looks good. One question if I may?
    Do the boxes move or does the welder move to check oil and service etc?

    Quote Originally Posted by LA Weld View Post
    One thing I have noticed is that the Canadians have very similar tools boxes one their RIGS

    Nice set up!
    Yeah it seems our skids are all variations on the same theme, the same is also very true for our full deck packages. The emphasis is on easy access and LOTS of cabinet space.

    It's kinda the same way with the pipeline decks down south, they all bob the bed, have small boxes above the deck, mount the welder sideways, etc. But it makes sense once you realize they tow their 5th wheel trailers and need clearance in the appropriate places to do so.

    I really like seeing all of the little individual details that guys have, I guess you could say it inspires me!
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    Jan 2008
    Port Carling, Ontario

    Default rig

    Hey Conerstone, tricks are doing well where I'm at. Haven't seen a drilling rig around, but keeping real busy with new home construction. I'm about 2hrs north of Toronto, lots of lakes up here with million dollar mansion type cottages being built. Alot of SS custom kitchen's, aluminum boat work and crazy ideas rich people come up with. Different pace but enjoy it. Close to my family and only had to use my arc gauger once since I moved here. (really don't miss doing that for days on an oil soaked rig!) C wagner I have 5000lb ss roller glides so my boxes roll out. I wanted to be able to pick my skid up with the welder if I just need a truck. (price of owning 2 vehicles to much money when I built it) I was worried about the upward force applied to the glides if they were under the welder when being lifted. Thanks for your comments, I will get some work pics up soon.

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