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    Default My Stolen Rig Is Found

    Stony plain rcmp called me last night to tell me that 40 or 50 km west of edmonton and about 4 or 5 miles south the truck was found abandon in a farmers field. The owner of the land went to look at some of his livestock a.ka horses and seen the fence had been cut for them to drive thru to a remote spot where they began to tear anything and everything nice that you can look back at from the pictures i showed you all. Even the airbags were taken off and parts of my 6" procomp suspension were dismantled.Ripped the turbo out of engine with my cold air intake too. The tow truck driver from spruce grove called meadow lark towing couldnt tow it cause there was no wheels or rims so they dragged it thru the mud onto a trailer and took it back to there yard, i believe its in the railcar yard or something.So if any of you live near spruce grove you can drive buy today or tommorow and take some pictures of it and send it to me as hard as it will be too view Youll get a chance to see how nice the rig was at one time..

    Life goes on and so do i, thanks alot guys. One last pic for her to rest in peace.
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