Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my truck. I didn't expect to hear anything yet about my truck nor do i sit by the phone expecting they are gonna tell me they found it either. It will be parted out and burned down im sure. My buddy who is a rig welder as well offered me his 2004 f 350 superduty dually to use while im down. He said i can just use it, change the oil and keep the maintenence up and when i'm done return it. He also said i can use his skid that he had in it. He going to the farm today to start making me wraps for it cause his reels came of there to his newer ford. He is gonna sell the truck for 27 with skid so maybe after the insurance agency rolls me over ill walk away with a truck paid for and 20 or so grand to get tools and such i can make payments to him friend to friend and not have to really go into much debt. Ill never get back what i had into it. NEVER. Why couldnt i have been in texas. I know down there you break into a riggers truck and you immediately have signed youre death certificate toe tag included. Once again to a community of rig welders who are nation strong thanks guys for the tool offers and welder offers. It blows me away you guys are willing to lend a guy stuff you dont know.I WOULD DO EXACTLY THE SAME TOO.