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    Question Accessories / Features For Your Welding Table

    Any suggestion as to accessories/features to add to your welding table. Any suggestions to make it a more useful tool.

    ie . . . mig gun holder, grinder bracket . . .etc . . .
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    Working in a lot of chemical plants, I see almost every welding table with a 2x2x1/8" angle welded to one side. It is used to hold little piece like blots, nuts, etc.

    I would like to see some others means of "leveling" a table.

    Hope that helps.
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    I've got a small vise on one corner of my table and it is also wired with a 110 receptacle under one corner and a switch under another that controls a light above it. I've also welded a piece of pipe on one leg for a MIG Gun and a couple of hooks for my hood, stinger, whatever i happen to stick there. I also put a shelf under it for storing small things and tools.

    As for how to level a table, the best way I know of is to weld a nut on the inside of each of the legs. Then just thread a bolt all the way into each one and back the ones out that you need to to make it sit level.
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    my buddy welded just about a three inch piece of pipt at an angle on the side to hold the gun just an idea

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    Default Mig

    I think this could go on for months! Its what ever YOU need,,weather its a bar ti hang vice grips,,I have recievers in all my benches,and my heavy set up tables,,Abd to the lekding bech on my portable,,can take any thing fom any bench,,But as I said,,Its what YOU need!!!!!!!!!!!!Good Luck,Jack

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    Default Table tips

    My table is 4' X 6'. On one end I cut out an 18" X 30" opening that holds a piece of bar grate for cutting. There is a tray under that to catch slag, etc.

    I built a 2' X 2' drawer about 4" deep to hold soapstone, small clamps, mig pliers, and small hand tools. One one end I welded a piece ot flat between 2 legs to hang larger c-clamps. Also welded lots of hooks to hang plasma cutter, mig gun, torch.

    But most important, make sure you have room for a coffee pot, beer cooler, and first aid kit. (Just kidding, but barely.)

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    Default table extensions...

    I built the table for which Miller has provided full plans (but, no plasma chute until I have plasma, and 3 x 5 instead of 4 x 6 feet). The 2 x 2 x 1/8 square tubing is open on the ends. I think I will eventually add a table extender to at least one end. This could be as simple as rails that slide out of those tubing openings, with an attachable top, or a complete unit that could slide into the openings to attach.

    One problem I've noted is that the inside tubing seams will interfere with sliding of an otherwise properly sized inner tube. How do people remove those seams? Or, maybe I'd have to use round tubing, as the seams are off near an edge.

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    You put shims inside the tube to offset the seam.

    If they're short enough pieces, you can file or broach the seam out.
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    Question show pictures

    it sounds like a lot of good ideas. does anyone have some photo of some welding tables getting ready to build one .

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    Default lessons learned

    >> does anyone have some photo of some welding tables getting ready to build one .

    Brian, here's a pic of my nearly done table from the Miller plans. My first welding project, with a new MM180. I learned too late that the edges of the 3/8 plate could droop a little, with voltage high enough to get good penetration. Glad I used scrapyard plate. I think I should have welded the top on along the inside edge of the frame, rather than the more accessible outside edge. Or, maybe I should have turned the whole thing over, rather than sitting on my butt and doing overhead welds.

    >> You put shims inside the tube to offset the seam.

    Fishy Jim, thanks. Yeah, and I guess I should have made sure all the seams were turned the same way, so shims could be applied the same everywhere needed.

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