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Yeah they're all close in price. Did you notice their magnetic drills and annular cutter machines? I don't knokw what Hougen's price on a model capable of 2 3/8 on 2" steel would be but I'll bet it's a lot higher than the 1,200.00 that Evolution is priced at. I know you can't get a Milwaukee mag drill for 475.00 either and now the Milwaukee is built overseas now too.
Yes, their mag drill prices are very good. 2 of my next purchases will be the Rage 2 and Bora 2800, or whatever the number is on their low-line mag drill. I don't foresee needing a mag drill often enough to justify spending over a grand on one, but I would like to have a reasonably priced one to use once in a while. Too bad they don't make concrete core drills, I'd be interested in one of those by Evolution too.