I realize that Milwaukee is an American company. I recently purchased one of their 4 1/2" angle grinders and was disappointed when I found out it was made in one of the Asian countries. I'm not so gun shy of buying European imports mainly because those countries also buy our products. My local welding store is trying to get me to buy a Metabo 14" abrasive saw at 249.00 which is in the ball park of these saws. Metabo is also a German company and actually they started out making drills and the name actually is derived from that, they were going to call it Metal Boren and shortened it to Metabo. I had actually considered buying their 4 1/2" grinder but it does not have a paddle switch which is what I need due to an injury.

Now I have to decide do I want an abrasive saw or one of these saws. I also saw something on their site which interested me and at a price I'd be willing to pay. They have a magnetic drill which resembles the Hougen Rota-Broach. I'd opt for the one which will go from 7/16 to 2 and I think it was 3/8. Anyway I know it was over 2" and that would be a big plus for me.

I do have a recurring job which I have to cut 3/4 x 3/4 angle and 3/4 square tubing to make trays which go into a drying oven. I currently borrow an abrasive saw to cut this job and spend a good deal of time removing the burrs left by the abrasive saw. Would one of these saws with the proper blade cut down my time deburring the parts before assembling them? This would be a big factor in making my decision on which saw to buy. I also build some aluminum frames from 1" square tubing in an octagonal shape. I currently cut aluminum with a standard 12" chop saw with either an 80 or 120 tooth blade and lube it with either Do-All or Valvoline Stick Wax and in a pinch I've found that nozzle spray will work too.

I'm on a tight budget and right now can only afford to buy one saw.

Thanks for the input!