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    Default Weld thickness???

    How do you measure a weld thickmess? From the center of weld... or edge to edge?

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    Weld thickness is measured by both the leg legnth and the throat. A fillet weld has two legs with toes and a throat, a groove weld has a throat, toes, root reinforcement, and face reinfocement. A typical fillet weld will have a leg length equal to the base metals thickness and a throat that runs from the root and intercepts a line drawn from toe to toe. A concave surface between two toes (or edges) of a fillet weld can offer insufficient throat. A slightly convex surface offers sufficient throat and a little more, but too much is a waste of filler.

    Fillet guages are available from most local welding supply stores and are a good tool for measuring welds.

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    wow, thats prity well put. i was just going to say it depends on the weld type called out in the prints. but his is much better.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

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    Wow, that was an awesome explanation johnnytig , Thanks
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