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    Default My "mini-lab" and some project pics

    This is why i love my DX.. I can have it on the job or at the shop all day, then bring it home and hook it up in my "mini-lab" in the basement. Of course i have t drive to use my mill, lathe, large compressor and bandsaw.

    BUt with a 200DX, Grinder, Buffer, 140A MIG, Chop saw, Drill, some air tools and a small compressor and a good assortment of hand tools i can still do quite a bit of work from home on days i don't feel like dealing with driving to the shop and dealing with the hassles of sharing space with another company(he's a friend and i always end up helping him get caught up all day)

    I used a few straight posts to get them all in...

    First, here's the "welding station" Since the TIG is so clean i run it in my basement from the 220 outlet,

    I also keep my grinder, buffer, hand held 4'' grinder, drill, rotozip and an assortment of clamps and other various welding needs and a Tap & Die set for threading work that are not pictured

    EDIT: The "Gas TAble" is something i came up with that serves 2 purposes. 1.) it's deisgned to be teh opposite of a heat sink and with very little surface area for contact it should not draw too much heat from the part. 2.) With the addition of an "IN" and "out" fitting at opposite ends of the "maze" i will pump argon through it and set flat parts on top of it with 16g steel sheet blocking off open areas so that the gas can't get blown out or escape exceptin the controlled manner in which i desinged teh "baffles/maze" to do
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Dynasty 200DX
    Hobart Handler 135
    Smith MB55A-510 O/A setup
    Hypertherm Powermax 45
    Just about every other hand tool you can imagine

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