Wanted to pass along an idea I cooked up. I bought a junked 302 motor to build a conference table out of and came upon a slew of parts to recycle. As I stared at the parts, I thought about making them more shop useful instead of recycling in normal scrap yard terms.

I grabbed what I could for a balanced weight at the bottom and added the crankshaft as my main section. It had a great natural balance and I added a 10 inch section of pipe to the top of the crank for a custom fit to my height. Welding the 1/8" thick pipe was quite tricky to the cast crankshaft but it worked out great. I also added some support underneath through 1" solid steel tubing to support the 1/2" plate at the top.

The mini fab table can hold a great deal of weight and is easy to navigate around. My intentions for it were to work on motorcycle frames, possible grind stand or to place a shotbag on and pound out sheet metal. Quite happy with it overall and will be building another one soon.

also used 2 carpet samples at the base to muffle any banging, wabbling or scraping on the concrete floor.