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Not quite a welding project but not sure where to post it. I need to remove paint from quite a few small to mid size aluminium parts. I have tried beadblasting but that takes time. I have thought about this


As you can see, the cost is up there. Anyone have any experience with something like this? Homemade units? I have been told that a tumbler will beat the parts up too bad. Help or input appreciated. Thanks.

I have an eastwood tumbler that is the next size down from the one in the link. Eastwood offers a grey media that is more aggressive than the green. I have used the grey to strip paint from nuts and bolts for a car restoration and it has worked great with removing paint, but it could take 8 hours or more. afterwards I use the corn cobb media to get a good finish to replate and or black oxidize the hardware. The finish that you get with the grey is similar to what a part looks like after its been sand blasted. Not sure how big your parts are but make sue you don't put to much weight in the tube. After about a year of loading mine up, I walked in to my garage to find my tube snapped off from the base.