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    Thats a good idea to do your own bid for TM jobs. I was doing a plant setup and I try to get one of my guys involved in pricing, about pointless. He could never get past the fact that there were other costs besides his pay and time. Smart guy too but you could never get that thru his head. He tries to work on his own on occasion and just cant figure out why he doesn't make anything, charges customers wages when it should be 50 an hr. When he works for contr he figures they should charge what they are paying him + a nickle. A guy with the mechanical aptitude that can do anything you put in front of him cant figure this out.

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    Ive been in buisness for 34 years,and im 54,,Yours is a Keeper!!!!!!!

    Don't let people rent space in your head.:

    Ive heard every excuse in the Book,, Best one was the Owner of a 15 milion dollar co,that owed me $3200 bucks for close to 90 days,,I went and saw his secretary,She said was dont go near Mr,Schmit today,,"He had a bad day of playing golf" !!!!!Well im Haveing a hard time eating,,how bout his 1200 employees????????

    I walked in his office,,and told him i wasnt leaving! Sign the check,that was all made out! He signed ,and i got stuck buying lunch,,But not a bad days Pay ,for brazing up a 18" thick connecting rod for one of his preses!

    Every one thats been in the buisness,,Its not your 9 to 5 Job!

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