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Thanks for your support.

It can be a very harsh world and these guys that operate "part time" welding outfits so they can post as experts on the internet don't have a clue what it takes to provide every $$$$ of income for a family with a stinger in your hand, thay are in my opinion phoneys. Fortunes are made and lost every day in this business, but not by people with a "day job".

I agree for the most part with the exception of the above quote (if I did it right I am still trying to figure out how to quote only part of a post).
I operate a "part time" welding outfit. I have never posted claiming to be an expert. I do have a clue what it takes to provide all the $$$ since I am doing it. I do not consider myself a a "phoney" because I make my money with a stinger in my hand all day monday to friday just not for my own business I am just starting out and it would be irresponsible to my family to quit my day job right now since my business is not yet big enough to suport us without worry. But it won't be to long before I will make the leap. I just have to think of my family first.

Maybe I read into this wrong I am very tired from working 2 jobs if I have it wrong I am sorry. And thank you and everyone else who is posting on this thread I am learning alot