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I already have a Compact Bender but that won't do it. Is the Hossfeld actually able to do full circles or 1/2 circles in a 12" diameter? I guess if they have a die that big but that would be a pricey die.
Save your money for a good ring roller. I have a Hossfled bender and while it works great for many different operations the price of a 12" die set, if it is even available, would probably be more than a good ring roller. Tubing isn't a Hossfeld's forte. It will get the job done, but not with the ease and accuracy of other benders on the market. The reason...it is a universal bender that needs to encompass a wide range of operations. A Hossfeld bender makes sense if you have a wide range of fabrications you need done, but for simple rolling get a ring roller.