AISI worked for a long time trying to unify steel standards thoughout North America, and that culminated in the 2001 "North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members" which was adopted by Canada and Mexico.

So that standard is used thoughout North America.

As far as structural steel is concerned, check this out:

Beam dimensions are given in metric (depth in mm, unit weight in kg/m) but are actually the same size as American standard beams - see

As far as material grades, in Canada, the predominant specification is CAN/CSA G40.21 350W, 350 being 350MPa yield strength. This specification is very similar to ASTM A992 and A572 gr50 and, according to CISC, steel rolled to these specifications can generally be substituted when the Canadian standard is specified. As far as standardization across the border, let me quote CISC:

"The trend to make ASTM A992 the basic steel grade for rolled shapes in North America is currently underway. "


Again, hope this information helps.