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    Feb 2008


    I have 3, one for over 10 years. I know that pain because I grew up next to highway. I keep them all inside because of a loss maybe 15 years ago that's really too bad to talk about.

    I saw a good deal of death when I was an EMT. Some were "frequent flyers" that I'd get to know very well before they died. But there's something about the death of a loyal pet that is only rivaled by that of a family member. I suppose that's because they really are family members. My brother has punched me, my sister has yelled and cussed me, but my cats have never stopped loving me for a second.

    ...except maybe when the oldest one climbed on my computer monitor and pissed in it to show me how jealous she was when we brought a second cat in!

    Anyway, they really are family and having experienced that loss, I can offer only my condolances, and the thought that they were happy and vigorously at play doing "cat things" right til the end. And judging by your memorial, they had the kind of loving home that not every cat gets.

    Hopefully, you can let another cat into your heart and home soon so they can share their life and love with you.

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    near rochester NY


    sorry to hear of your lose.
    great looking cross.
    pets are more important than we give them credit for.
    last week my female bull-mastiff went into heat.
    2 days later her and the boy were gone ??
    they ate threw the fence or some other did?? no sign of them. checked all the local places no luck ??
    we hope they show up again. its hard to imagen them not being here, just not right.
    we have a few cats, mostly a male that calls our place home when he is in the mood for a store bought meal. and a female that just had kittens. the went onto solid food about a week ago and are already enjoying the local field mice. mom brings them home and the lil kittens go to town on them. thought there little belies were going to pop the other day. right after my wife fed them mom came home with a batch of field mice and the kittens went in for seconds. big bellies and lazy kittens after that it was nap time.
    seems to be a bad week for pets.
    here is a few pic's of our lil kittens.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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    Oct 2008


    nice memorial.

    sorry to hear about your loss.

    my dad started our company in 1968 and had a hand in everything we do. When we come to a crossroads, we always ask ourselves, "What would Clark do?"

    he was cremated when he died and we plan on building a work table out of 1" plate and storing the other half of his remains there. may sound odd but it makes us feel better......
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    That is sad news indeed. Really like the fleur-de-lis ornaments on the cross.

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    Jan 2008
    In wal-mart


    sorry for your loss buddy, that sucks.

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    Nashville, Ga

    Default loss of your pets

    I also am sorry to hear of your loss. I know how attached to a pet one can get. I have a aussie that has been going to the shop with me every day since he was small enough to hide under my toobox. Keep on smilin' cause we all share your loss. jb

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    Billings, MT

    Default Sorry

    Very sorry for your loss, as mentioned in all the posts, they are family.

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    Jun 2008


    About 10 years ago I had to put down my Lab who got very ill and was suffering. She grew up with my 3 kids and I felt like I was putting down my child. I let the vet do it because I couldn't, but I stayed with her to the end.
    Two years or so ago we got a new Lab from the pound and he helped restore part of my soul that was gone. Man, its so tough that I don't know why I keep getting pets.

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    Jun 2006

    Default To Dabar

    Dabar,SOrry for your Loss,I lost my german shepard,anw with these great home owners policys,,there on the "HIT" list,and Never ownen a cat in my life!,,Some scum bag dumped 2 cats off at my old shop! They become Kids,, they dont take the German Shepard's space,But they know when your down,,,as you can tell im a animal nut also,,Sorry!!!!!!!!!!

    Now if I can find a ins co,, My dog stayed inside,and if i was a burgler,and saw those teeth at the atrium doors,,,Im going to another House,,and its been 2 long,,But the cats still wait for bandit to come in fom playing,,Its sad!!!!!

    Eveyone told me to get another rite away! I should of!!!!!!that was before the Ins went Nuts! Get 2 new Kittins,,cant replace them,But it fills a big void!!!! Best of Luck!
    He sure looks like he had a tough life,,got him when he was 8 weeks!!!!
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    Lancaster, Pa


    Dabar, very nice memorial, sorry to hear about your loss. Time heals all wounds. It does get harder as we get older and I swear everytime that Im not getting another until I look into those sad eyes that say pick me, pick me.

    What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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