I have 3, one for over 10 years. I know that pain because I grew up next to highway. I keep them all inside because of a loss maybe 15 years ago that's really too bad to talk about.

I saw a good deal of death when I was an EMT. Some were "frequent flyers" that I'd get to know very well before they died. But there's something about the death of a loyal pet that is only rivaled by that of a family member. I suppose that's because they really are family members. My brother has punched me, my sister has yelled and cussed me, but my cats have never stopped loving me for a second.

...except maybe when the oldest one climbed on my computer monitor and pissed in it to show me how jealous she was when we brought a second cat in!

Anyway, they really are family and having experienced that loss, I can offer only my condolances, and the thought that they were happy and vigorously at play doing "cat things" right til the end. And judging by your memorial, they had the kind of loving home that not every cat gets.

Hopefully, you can let another cat into your heart and home soon so they can share their life and love with you.