I had to do a project today that I never want to do again.

Early this morning I heard a racket outside, dogs start barking, I jump up throw on some clothes real quick and go outside to see what's going on. Made it outside in time to watch both of my cats chase a Possum out of the trash can and into the street, the possum made it across, the girls did not.

Both of my girls were hit by the same car, both died instantly, both will be missed tremendously. They were sisters and did everything as a team, I figured it best to bury them as a team. They were just barely 4 years old.

Here is the Cross I made to mark their Grave site. I made a spot to place their vaccination tags in the center of the cross. You'll notice only one at the moment belonging to Libby hanging there, I will be getting a replacement tag for Matty and placing it on there later as hers was damaged real bad.100_0822.jpg