i saw a bunch of posts where everyone is showing off their welding tables. so here is mine. it is made of 2"x2"x16ga steel tubing. the table top (not shown in my drawing) is simply 1/2" steel plate. basically the frame is 24" x 60" and the top is 36" x 72", so each edge of the top has about 6" of overhang.

the premise of the design of this table was to avoid having the frame of the table interfere with using vise-grip type welding clamps. therefore, the top plate sits about 5" above the frame, so even long-reaching clamps are easily used without interference from the frame. i also didn't want to have any bracing near the bottom of the frame, since that interferes with storing things under the table, so the frame is braced with the short 45* braces shown.

the top is not permanently attached to the frame. in fact, it just sits there free floating. i mean where is it going to go-- it's so heavy, it never moves anyways. i haven't put the frame on rolling casters, but perhaps i should. anywho if you like the design, feel free to modify it and use it however you like-- i'm sure it would be easy to adapt the design to a less massive implementation with smaller tubing, thinner plate, etc.