i seem to have hit a snag with the wife's car. 1993 subaru legacy. its fuel pump seems to be going in and out ?? one day its fine the next it wont pump ??? i was told it could be a relay that tells the pump the car started so it continues to pump fuel or that the car did not start so it stops the pump. problem is no one seems to be able to tell me where this relay is located ??? the pump is going to be $130 so i don't want to get a pump just to find out thats not the problem and i waisted $130.
any one have a car like this or have a clue where to find the relay ?? or maybe that it could only be the relay if the car starts but then ides ?? do you know if the relay is bad would it not let the pump start when the key is put into the access position ??
i opened it up to get access to the pump only to have it working fine ??? so i closed it up used the car for 2 days and now its not working again ?? as you can suspect i don't want to send the wife off in it acting like this or even have my family in the car as we could all end up stranded.
any help would be greatly appreciated.