OK, I just made two really ugly welds so I'm satisfied that I can make trailers to pull behind automobiles at high speeds carrying heavy loads down our interstate highways and byways.

Just funning with ya'll, I've noticed some folks get pretty ornery about them kinda things

But I got my electrical hooked up, and made a few test welds on some angle iron. Ugly as heck to say the lest, but it was fun and exciting to stick my very first pieces of steel together (and to my table in several spots ) . Now my 10 year old daughter wants to learn how to weld.

I'm gonna do some more testing on some of this 1/8 inch angle and on the 1x2square tube I bought, then I'm gonna weld up that little rolly cart to make my band saw mobile. Then I'll cut the pieces for my wood holder and when the ring roller and metak bender gets here I'll be able to stick them together.

Don't worry fellas, these things can't hurt nobody if a weld breaks.

I do have a question though. I have a cheapee self darkening helmet from Northern Tool. When it darkens I can't really see where I'm welding. Is it going to dark or is that just something you need to get used to or what?

Thanks for answering all of my questions thus far, I'm sure there will be many more to come.