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    Default Trailer Repair Project - Ramp

    While working on the mud flaps, I noticed that the square tubing of the ramp on the trailer had rusted through and was badly in need of repair. The original ramp had a span of 5 but used only three 1 square tubes for the beam members. (Most designs that I have seen use five 1.5 tubing with a shorter span). This design was marginal even before the tubing rusted through. I replaced the rusted out tubing and added two more bars for a total of five. In addition I added truss members on all five beams, to beef them up. I also replaced the missing section of expanded metal used for the deck of the ramp. Fortunately Guy had a left over piece of expanded metal that matched perfectly. Last but not least I added a new latch mechanism complete with a place to store the latch pin when not in use. Attached are pictures of the repaired trailer.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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