James James James join the 21st century and get off that dial up

wish i could, but too many cow's not enough people out where i live, its not an option. i cant even get the fast dial up (dsl i think it is), the lines are to old and wont suport it, slow is my only option.i probly couldnt aford it if it was available, but i dont have to make that choice.

you can also download a program called resize it from microsoft. it alows you to resize without even opening the pic, just right click on it and chose resize pic, the the size you want, large, med, small, and or hand held.
prity neat you can even do multiple pic's at once, do hole folders with a quick click, it also leaves the origenal alown, just makes a coppy in the size you request.
its a free download from microsoft . its at there site in the power toys sectio. downloads fast even on dial up.
i can find you a link to it if you would like.

great work looking forward to seeing more.