hey guys,,,I know this is an old subject for most all of you but,,
I am attempting my first auto panel restoration and I need some basic info.
I want to cut old panel sections out on the vehicle and mig weld the new panel on . I have obviously never done this before.
I have asked this question once before and many ideas were presented back to me concerning whether or not to leave the Battery connected while welding. However,,, I did not get any concrete tips on doing the welding on the panels in place on the vehicle.

I assume there is no problem doing so given all the general precautions regarding keeping the gas tank well insulated from sparks, do not weld if fumes are present,use some backing materials to prevent excess sparking,etc.

Any professional input is welcome.

Oh yeah,,,humor and sarcasm is OK too,,, as long as the advice is good!

Real determined to progress my skills!!!

Miller Dynasty 200DX Tig/arc
Millermatic 180 Mig
Miller 375 Extreme Plasma
Victor OX/acetylene
Cutting and grinding tools enough for newby shop