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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishy Jim View Post
    Oh come on, you miss charlie company 1/222.
    too many trips down the autobahn there beep beep! Vroom vroom!

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    flat , and lots of dirt


    Oh Holy crap!!!!! c 1/222 !!! USAALS. UGGH . Well the gallons of Killians at "the Junction" almost made the morning runs by the River bearable.

    I agree with yall though, I have run an AVA on OH-58's and Uh-60's for several years, and I can tell you, that I got a 58 down to no more than .005 IPS , on the lat, vert, hover, etl, 80 k , climb, and 110k, and it still shook like a table dancer. After Hurricane Katrina we caught a garbage bag on a 58 blade and I thought she was going to come apart. Luckily we were at about 10 ft hovering.

    I have seen vibrations do silly stuff, so yeah, get a grab bag of self locking and castellated nuts, and stainless cotter pins. A few cents of hardware can make or break all that hard work. If you can, get an accelerometer to measure vertical and lateral vibs, and try to balance below .020 ips (inches per second).
    Atlas 618 lathe (vintage 1960) reconditioned DC
    Sioux 3/8 Pneumatic Reversible Drill
    Makita Everything else
    2400 square feet of Sanford and Son lookin shop space
    "Once the spoon flys, putting the pin back in won't solve anything"
    USA 15T, 15V two cans, one welder

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