Hello everyone. I'm new here so I wanted to drop a line and say hi and introduce myself. I'm new to Millers but not new to welding. I grew up using Lincolns and bled crimson red until I went to Airgas to buy my new machine after wearing out my old one out. I had a Lincoln 200 that was a 77 model, a hand me down from my father. I was going to buy the Lincoln Ranger but came home with the Bobcat. I really like the switch that lets me change from stick to tig so easily. I dont like swapping leads around on the Ranger. I started welding around 7, kind of typical for Texas I guess. There are alot of welders around my area because of the oil industr here. When I say started, I should add that basically I just wasted my dads rods while I dirt dobbed. Over time I became proficent, but at 17 I graduated and ran off to the Army for four years. I got out last August and was lucky enough to get a job at a pipeline company. Now I'm back to welding and spend alot of my time building hunting blinds and trailers. I'm lucky enough that at work I can be around welders all the time that are willing to teach me what they can when they have the chance. I've got a laundry list of projects to build right now and as I work on them I'll post pics.