First post. Hope you guys could help me out.

I don't have much experience weld but have done some with my dad. We made a flatbed trailer out of a travel trailer frame. It came out pretty good, the welds didn't look too pretty but were good.

I will be using a Lincoln AC/DC 225/125 buzzbox(I know wrong company but the forum is great), with 6013 rod. (he has a lot of these)

I was given this trailer and before using it, I would like to make some changes and additions. For some reason the previous owner installed the axle towards the rear. I have no idea why. I would also like to make some side walls. Also, would it be too difficult to make longer (extend), was thinking 14' total. On some projects we carry long pieces of wood, 12' to 16'.

The trailer will be used to haul trash to the dump, move family..when needed, tile, thinset, plywood, so on, not all at the same time. Work around the house never ends.

I got some measurements... Size is 5'x10'. Frame is 2x2 square tubing and 2x2x1/8" angle. From the picture, could you tell me if the design is ok? Also from the number on the axle, could you tell me what the specs are? Here's the part number TS 35 73 0580 545 1 AX-5201-BD. It might be a 3500# axle and the spings are 4 leaf, flat end slipper. The mfg website indicates 2000# capacity each.

Let me know if you would like pictures from different angles...

Thanks, Joe