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    Default Plasma screen stands

    I've been procrastinating long enough and need to knock out eight freestanding supports for some plasma screens to go in some corporate place somewhere.

    Short story is they get a 3/8" thick x 32" diameter steel base, which also gets a 5" x 1/8" skirt. Two 3" OD tubes rise up about 60" and a 1/8" plate gets welded between them to which the factory bracket mounts, and then the screens will hang from that.

    Here's the start:

    1) Eight bases, the template, and the drop. Heavy metal.
    2) Eight mounting plates waiting to bridge the gap.
    3) The bases get bolted to the ground, but they still need to be levelled, so I'm making three adjustable pads for each base, which will get welded to the underside of the disks and be concealed by the skirt. Parts is parts.
    4) My super fancy jig.
    5) Zing-bang.

    Thanks for looking.
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