Hey guys I have some machinery that I am considering selling. I have a B-Boom equipped with a XMT 300 and a Millermatic 64M synergenic four roll feeder. The boom has brand new wiring and conectors as well as a new set of complimentry loose cables to detatch the power supply from the boom and make it portable. This set up also comes with a nearly new Bernard 10' gun.

Truth is this is a super sweet machine set up, I was doing some shop work as an independant contractor where it was very well suited and now work has dried up to the point where I could use the cash. I have about $5000.00 invested. I would like to get $4500.00 but will entertain interested parties offers if they are reasonable.

P.S. The power supply came out of a trade school and has low hours of usage and was replaced by a new ALT 350.