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bmw also has very little body flex. They tend to be designed very rigid.

The ford's I own, they flex a bit more than the bmw's and other german designs. The germans like to alloy, what kind of aluminum do they use?

4.6 v8 is very smooth in the delivery of power, at least mine is in my svt. course, I can get the body to flex, launch or twisties...

Strip launch's will put instant stress and twist in a body in ways a road car will never see unless it's bouncing off a wall.

Not good, not bad, just a bit different...

If it is not a proven design , I'd put a safety chain/strap on it to keep it from eating other parts up if it decides to let loose.

Just my opinion.
yes, for the test i will have it chained or straped. i will update with pic and results soon.
Thanks Rich