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    Quote Originally Posted by dabar39 View Post
    I found an old Miller Bluestar series 1 engine drive on Craigs list today. The guy I got it from is a retired machinist and has a virtual museum in his back yard and sheds, I have never seen so many steam engines in one place before. He's currently building a steam engine powered saw mill. He's also got a 1942 Diamond REO 2 1/2 ton flatbed truck sitting back there that I would love to get my grubby little hands on as well.

    Anyways, I did a quick search of the serial number and found that it is a 1977 model with a 16 h.p. Kohler motor. For $200.00 I couldn't pass it up.

    Dragged it home, stuck a battery in it and some fuel, hit the switch and starter button and it fired right up. I will have to get a new solenoid for the throttle kick down, I can kick it down by hand but won't do it automatically as it should. I haven't tried to weld with it yet as I have to take the leads from my Bobcat to try it out.

    What's your opinion? Think I did good on this one?
    I have what looks like the same engine on a Lincoln 125. Mine is a rope start (wind the rope around the pulley and PULL!). I've never seen a engine so easy to start. My Lincoln could use paint, but probably won't get it. My machine doesn't have a idle solenoid, I just have a two place throttle knob, idle and weld.

    I don't use it a lot, but it sure can be handy away from the shop. I found mine in a garage sale, and I'm happy to have it. All my other machines are Miller.


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    Took the side panels off of it today and found a broken wire but nothing else out of the ordinary. I'll be getting a new set of brushes for it as they are worn about half way or better. A little bit of clean up on the inside, some Emory cloth on the contacts and some Mud Dauber evictions should get her back in pretty good shape. Idle solenoid should be here Wed. or Thurs. of next week.
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