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    Cool A Little 350DX Project

    Got another little project where I was able to utilize the VP function of my 350. These are a couple of longer tubes that go to a helo jack stand I did earlier this year. They use this particular stand for a few different birds and each arm has to be a different length.

    Anywho, material is 6061. The tube is 3/8" where it gets welded and the cap is 1/2" except for the center web. I used a heat gun to pre-heat the parts for about 10 minutes before welding. Only cleaning was a wipe down with denatured alcohol.

    I used a 1/8" tungsten sharpened to a point with a flat ground on the end. I set the machine to independent polarity and used a 100%/70% ratio of EN/EP. Total amperage was 260 wich equated to 281 amps EN to 196 amps EP. You can see the result of this in the last pic. This is a shot of the tungsten after welding both parts. as you can see, it has very little wear after welding at such a high amperage. The other settings were as follows:

    Tig start amps = 60 amps @ 60 ms.
    Gas flow = 18 CFH
    Straight Argon gas
    1/16" 5356 filler
    Hz = 120
    Balance = 75
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