My truck engine finally took a dump on me the other day, I think it spun a bearing or something. It started knocking really bad from what seems like the lower end (I have bad hearing) and its loosing oil pressure pretty bad.
Anyway, since I have to dismantle it if I choose to go the rout of fixing, and I don't use the truck that much, I thought I might try a hydrogen conversion as an experiment. I believe its Greenland where they are using hydrogen on a regular basis dew to the relatively cheap electricity from their hot springs to produce the hydrogen.

Any help would be appreciated. So far what I can gather is that titanium valves and seats are needed, don't know if thats true or not. As for a carburetor, I've heard that a propane carburetor will work, again I don't know the validity of that and if so, what modifications might be needed.

Any thoughts?
The engine is a 502 GM. I also haven't checked on the availability of hydrogen in my area yet.