Just joined the forum and thought I'd say hello and post a recent project. I have to say I stole a few ideas from several other projects to come up with my own. I built this cart because I had a welder cart, cutting torch cart, and plasma cart and was running out of room in the garage. My space is small when the wife's car is inside so I made this cart to make a bit of room. It holds my millermatic 175, miller 375 extreme plasma and mu gas torch set up all in one. I also put 2 electrical boxes on the back to plug in both the welder and plasma at the same time and made a 20ft extension cord to make a single plug in to my 220v power. My airhose stays with the cart as well. It made a big change in my space to work as well as it gives me mobility with the extension cord and air hose. Hope it inspires someone else to make room in their small shop.[ATTACH]hsbToRgb[/ATTACH]
















welding cart1.jpg

welding cart4.jpg

welding cart8.jpg

welding cart6.jpg

welding cart9.jpg