Good day all! As you can see, this is my first post on this forum. I was referred by a member of another forum, but I don't know his handle here. He goes by Grumpyvette over there. Quite knowledgeable, I might add...

Anyway, I'm beginning to get into road racing, so as a result, I find it necessary to do a bit of welding now and then. Most of my projects are probably simple to all the experienced welders on the board, but as a novice, I'm having some difficulty. I am working with 20 and 22 ga sheet metal right now and am having a tough time keeping a consistent bead. I may go an inch or two with a reasonable result, then another inch with a sloppy, irregular weld. Since I'm working with mild steel, I figured I could get by using flux-core in my MIG. It's one of the small, hobby type 110V units, but I would think it is good enough for some occasional sheet metal work.
I haven't been getting any burn-through OR spatter, so I'm starting to think I'm just sloppy. I tend to do a better job when I'm working with thicker material.

Since I have basically been learning all this on my own, several people have recommended I take a welding class to develop the skill. I'd appreciate any input you all have. Thanks.