Hello, i see alot of people post here about utility trailers. I saw a guy when i was at the garbage dump with a trailer like something in the pic below, except it wasn't an atv trailer and had a single axle. I can't find anything similar to what he had. Have any of you guys (Darbar) or someone ever built something like this, and if so what were the results? How much weight could/should you expect it to lift or dump? I like the idea of no hydraulic stuff to worry about, etc, plus my truck doesn't have trailer brakes, and rear power etc. I was thinking a 5x10 with 3-4 foot sides.

So some questions would be?
1) Would ALuminum be able to pick up between 1500-2000 pds?
2) WHat kinda safety would it need to prevent it from crashing down etc?
3) How high does the square tube need to be in front of the box etc?
4) Does the winch need to mounted high like in the pic, or can it be installed on the toungue?

6) if you've built something like this, whats your opinions of it?