like this one

i want the deck to be 102" wide though and have the fenders heavy enough to drive a pickup over and then ill just make some wood sides i can take off

oh yeah i want enough room in the fenders to get a 265/75-16 or 285 tire in it since thats whats on the trucks so when i get new truck tires i got a new set for the trailer!! and something wider to float through the pastures

and im gonna make it flat with no dovetail, i want it as close to the ground as possible its gonna get used for haulin hay and firewood

im goin back and forth between torsion axles or air bags, if i can find a good price on some 4k or 5k bags ill probably go that route so i can raise the ride height if im in rough country

but so far it looks like i can buy a trailer and modify it for less!!