I need some galvanized sheet steel to do a priority job that just came in. Now my suppliers only deliver to my area on Mon. and Thurs. and since it's already Mon. that means I gotta wait till Thurs. for delivery. The customer doesn't want to wait that long and I decided to call some of the local ac duct guys in my area, some of them refused to sell me anything unless they perform the work. The other guys that were willing to sell me anything wanted 200.00 or better per sheet. I'm talking about 5'x10'x16 ga. sheets, my cost is around 50-60 per sheet from my suppliers, I just can't wait for them to deliver. Now I've got to go and pickup the materials myself, 2 hrs each way cause I'm not spending 1200.00 for 400.00 worth of metal here locally. In the past I have sold all of these guys materials when they were in a bind for cost of replacement, I must be a really nice guy or really stupid, probably a little of both, to think I would get the same treatment that I have given them. I talked to my brother and he said he gets the same thing in his business, he owns a restaurant. Do you guys run into the same thing or is it just here in South Florida? Just wondering. Dave