me and my brother have been thnkin about buildin a yamaha banshee ta ride around the dunes . we were going to buy like a raptor cause im not shure but think the frames are the same just dif. motor and plastic . i was later thinkin about rather than buyin a banshee for at least $1,500 buy a chassis for a banshee or raptor and puttin a motorcycle motor in it (yeh i know overkill). i saw one on ebay when i was lookin for used banshees to modify. i was thinkin to use the 87' model frame because they seem popular and are slightly cheeper. if we bought one wether we did it from the frame up or modified we were gonna put modified a arms on it and change around shock mounts to make it batter ta race in the dunes and softer ride quality and put a streched out rear suspension arm. im wantin ta have good handilin so would be good for dunes but also be good for ridin around in fields to. we might build a frame from round tubing but not likely. we might also use a yamaha blaster. does anyone have pics or ideas on an atv made for this? thanks