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Miller's RFC-14 Foot Control. This is the super heavy duty version. All metal design for industrial and production applications. Bought it new from a guy who welds for CHIP KING RACING as their weldor/ fabricator. He never used it cause he prefers the finger control. I bought this not knowing how big it was in size. It's pretty heavy compared to other foot controls. I thought it would be smaller. Open to trades. It is the same outer case as the RFC-23A . I did test it and it work fine. If you need a video I guess I could make one somehow. I just cleaned it cause it had a thick layer of dust on it when I got it. 14 pin connector with 5 pins in it. same as the new RFC-14 and RFC-14HD but with a metal cover. Any questions call me, PM me, or email me. I posted this on a few other forums.

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The RFC-14 was the original 14 pin control built in the same metal box as the RFC-23A and using the same size resistor with the sliding brush. The newer, lower, plastic RFCS-14 uses a small 2 watt potentiometer. Both do the same job. weldersales

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