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    Default 1949 chevy car couch

    I built this for my wifes birthday 18 years ago.
    It is an actual love seat or couch, made from the trunk of a 1949 Chevy,

    She saw something like this on T.V. and told me she wanted one.
    On her B-day, her wish was my command!

    However.... What I showed her was a rusty old rear clip from a car I had just found in a junk yard.

    A year or two later, she recieved this.

    The only photo at this time has a guitar collection on it from a photo shoot for another deal.
    The trunk closes and the tail lights light up and there is a stereo mounted in it with speakers in the package tray.

    It is pearl white with a "heart beat of america" licence plate on it.

    The actual weld project was basicly putting a frame underneath it at the proper angle to have the right position to be functional.
    1" square tubing and some 70's model hood adjuster bolts for the feet.

    The rest of the project was body shop skills.
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