Hey all!

I would like to build a low ride height car dolly. I have a car I tow around to the race track and the uhaul car dolly sits pretty high off the ground and the ramp housings hit the bottom of my car when its sitting in the platform.

I would like to build a lower dolly and one that doesn't have the ramp housings(I can store ramps in the car).

Some questions

-I totally don't understand the swivel top platforms....is this just a bearing and a bolt? So basically the car is strapped into the top base and that base is mounted to the frame with 1 bolt? Sounds real scary now that I think about it lol.

-What if I wanted to build without the swivel top? Is this possible? I understand I could leave the steering unlocked and use the wheel straps...is this ok to do?

-For the tounge. To build a low dolly I can see how the tounge would have to have maybe 2 bends in it to bring it level with the ball mount. Can I just use pie cuts, bend the tube then weld it? Is it ok to have welds on the tounge?

-The car weights 2400lbs. The tows are usually 400 km round trip. The uhaul doesn't have suspension I THINK. What kind of wheel setup would you use? I mean if I run an axle then the platform would be as high as that axle....is there anyway around this? Do uhauls use axles? Or they are just seperate wheels mounted on each side?

Ok thanks for the information!