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Hey guys,
I agree with you 100%. It's all relative I just found Boostins comments kinda funny so I wanted to clear things up for him a little. I have been talking to a guy that builds pulling transmission (all straight cut gears)but he only does 4 speed's. I thought about going that way and use a gear vendor overdrive unit. I'm not sure if the vendor would hold the power. The smart thing would be just cut the power back some.
Hey BadOOSS what ya got in the DIRTY MAX. How much power ya puttin down? I have a good friend that makes 550 -600 and his truck is a 3/4 single wheel. His truck runs 12.50 -12.60 in the quarter. South Bend makes a great clutch but the fe is a single disk and is only rated for 550 hp. Peter though it may hold but no way. It will hold with the flux injectors and the Smarty but when I bring the TST on line and the turbo lights forget it. The clutch is a 3600 lb DD so chances are it will hold. Now how long will the new Cryoed gear last... That's the question.
Had a 05 Duramax/allison, it was basically stock, exhaust, intake, and an exhaust brake. Now I have a 6.0L Gasser 5 speed manual. Im looking for a Duramax/ZF6 6 speed Manual crew cab dually, need it to tow my car trailer... I wanted a dodge, but the quad cab is way too small for me. And mega cab is out since I need an 8 ft bed. Is your friend on the dieselplace.com I frequent there alot.