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I understand "cryo," but I think it is a joke. Heat treating is a much better solution to a broken gear problem. I worked for a Subaru Race Shop that is the soul importer of PPG gears from Aussy. Look them up. They are the strongest gears period. We tested all other manufactures in real race cars and they all broke. Only PPG held up to the test. "Cryo" failed just as fast as a stock gear did. I'm sure for other applications "cryo" works great, but not in a manual transmission. This was my bread and butter for many years, so trust me when I say it is all in the metallurgy and heat treating. They make gears for a wide variety of applications. Very expensive, but if you make the power and it holds for run after run after run etc.... then it is worth it.

Cryo IS metallurgy and heat treating.....we did stuff for NASA even....you do not B.S. those guys. They went thru our system with a fine tooth comb. And used an independent contrator to do that as well.
Cryo will only benefit if there is a problem with the process used prior or there is sufficient carbon to react to the process.(on steel)
There are/was many jack-leg people doing cryo when I got involved just like there are many jack-leg welders and mechanics. Not all are bad and I doubt your experience would not have been enuff to say whether it is a joke or not IMO.
It just didn't work on what you tryed with who you used.
There was many things we got phenomenal results on. YMMV